Frequently Asked Questions

## I need to book some rides for an event I am organizing, can you help ?

Yes, we can source a variety of rides for your event and we’re happy to discuss a ride package for you, no matter how big or small your event is. We can also recommend some excellent event operators within the East Coast of Australia only

## How safe are amusement rides?

Very. In fact you have a greater chance of being injured by driving your own car or using a toaster for breakfast than being hurt or injured on a ride. In 2018, there were 0.8 injuries per million patrons who went on rides, of which 8.55% were serious injuries (those requiring hospitalization) These stats tell us that in USA you’re much more likely to end up injured or in hospital from driving a car or fixing your toaster. However, in less developed countries, the safety factor reduces – always ride at your own risk, and follow safety signs and ride staff directions.

## Can you send me a price on (ride name goes here) ?

Yes, we can assist with sourcing and container-shipping a variety of used and new amusement rides worldwide. Please use the contact form on this site.

## Can I use your photos for my publication or website?

If for commercial distribution, you must get written permission if using any photographs. A fee will also be payable, depending on the distribution scale for commercial usage (failure to do so is an infringement of the Copyright Act 1968)

For website use, if your site is non-profit in nature, you may use photos. All we request is that you contact us prior to any print run.

## Can I purchase prints?
Large photos are available for personal purchase in high quality gloss with or without logo.
US$10 per print including postage worldwide. (discounts for multiple prints)

## When are you going to add some new photos / ride / information?

We try and update the site as regularly as possible (not always as often as we’d like).