Frequently Asked Questions

I need to book some rides for an event I am organizing, can you help ?

Yes, I can source a variety of rides for your event and am happy to discuss a ride package for you, HOWEVER, I operate within the East Coast of Australia only

Can you send me a price on (ride name goes here) ?

Yes, I can assist with sourcing and container-shipping a variety of used and new amusement rides worldwide. Please use the contact form on this site.

How long has Amusement Ride Extravaganza been running?

The site started in 1997 as a small experiment, having since gained momentum and popularity beyond anything ever imagined. Over the last 10 years Ride Extravaganza has had well over a million visitors, with this number rising as the internet has become more mainstream.

Can I use your photos for my publication or website?

If for commercial distribution, you must get written permission if using any photographs. A fee will also be payable, depending on the distribution scale for commercial usage (failure to do so is an infringement of the Copyright Act 1968)

For website use, if your site is non-profit in nature, you may use photos. All I request is that you contact me prior.

Can I purchase prints?

Large photos are available for personal purchase in high quality gloss with or without logo. US$10 per print including postage worldwide. (discounts for multiple prints)

Which amusement parks have you visited?

I have visited various amusement parks in England, Germany, USA, Canada, Thailand, Philippines and Australia. Also the world’s biggest fair – Munich Oktoberfest in 2009.

Can I link to Amusement Ride Extravaganza from my own website?

Please do! I can also provide you with an official link-banner on request.

When are you going to add some new photos / ride / information?

I try and update the site as regularly as possible (not always as often as I’d like). The 2009 site upgrade has enabled more efficient editing and updating. Updates should now occur more often than in the past (touch wood).

Did you take all of these photos yourself?

The vast majority of photos have been taken by me from 1996 to present day. As digital photo technology has improved, so to has my skills and equipment.

Where did you get all the information on each ride?

I have gathered the ride knowledge over the years as both a ride operator, owner and a rider. Also from chatting to other owners, workers, engineers and technicians of rides. The internet has also proven valuable for information.

What type of camera do you use?

I currently use a Nikon D700 SLR and Canon Ixus 85IS.

Previous cameras I have used include:

  • NIKON D80 (Digital SLR)
  • MINOLTA Dynax 3000I (film SLR)
  • KODAK DC215 (Digital)
  • KODAK DC3400 (Digital)
  • FUJIFILM S1200 (35mm)
  • Canon Powershot s45
  • Olympus CZ750
  • Casio Finepix