Known in the USA as the Scrambler, UK as the Twist and Australia as the Cha Cha, the design remains a ‘must-have’ among park and carnival operators because of its timeless popularity and low-maintenance operation.

The Eli Bridge company produced the first Scrambler in 1955 – an amazing success which took the amusement industry by storm. By the end of 1955, 16 units had been manufactured by Eli Bridge, with over 200 orders from waiting buyers! With this kind of demand, other manufacturers and showmen soon latched onto Eli’s success and developed their own versions such as the Gabrik Merry Mixer.

47 years later, it is almost impossible to visit a carnival or amusement park that fails to have a scrambler / twist / sizzler on its attraction list. Put simply, Scramblers offer a great ride experience to people of all ages with a minimum of capital & ongoing expenditure for its owner.

Similar versions of the original Eli Scrambler operated around Europe include A.R.M’s Twist (now Chance Morgan), Wisdom’s Sizzler of which approx 190 units have been manufactured since 1973. Many units of the Sizzler were also manufactured in Australia by Ferrari Manufacturing under licence. The Sizzler, unlike Eli Bridge’s cog-drive, uses hydraulic drives to rotate the cars. By reputation, the hydraulic rotation does not give riders a proper kick-spin like its cog-drive Scrambler cousin – with many ride enthusiasts preferring the latter.

You haven’t been to a carnival until you’ve ridden a grass cutter (as they are affectionately known) whether you’re on a hot date or with the whole family, this ride is enjoyed by all.

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  1. scramblers are some of the best rides i like to go on it just makes a big thrill and makes a funny feeling in my belly

    j a y d e n - December 31st, 2017 at 6:16 am

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