The Kamikaze (AKA: Ranger) first made its debut in 1984, by Italian manufacturers Far Fabbri and Sartori, based off ride movements previously found on the Eyerly Loop-O-plane. Since this time over 150 units have sold worldwide and similar copies have been made by almost every ride manufacturer in the industry.

Its relative compactness (1 x 40ft trailer), high capacity (36 adults), dominant look (17.6m length / 18.4m height) and easy set up (4 hours with two workers) makes it a very appealing purchase for any travelling carnival owner.

The original Fabbri Kamikaze does not rely on heavy counterweights, but instead a highly geared drive system making for a very fast upside-down, pendulum motion, swinging at speeds of 13 RPM, relying on momentum to keep it swinging. In more recent models, Fabbri have increased the length of the upper arm counterweights thereby creating a slower ride with less drive requirements.

The ride movement gives feelings of seat-pining centrifugal force and head-rushing, blood-filling, upside-down moments varying in length, depending on the mood of the operator.

There are currently 3 Kamikazes, and 2 Rangers travelling Australia.

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