A 1967 preview advertisement for a daring new ride concept

A 1967 preview advertisement for a daring new ride concept

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  1. I moved a zipper for bates amusements in the 90’s. Me. And one of my best friends moved that ride for over ten years. I know it by heart . We consistantly moved that ride in under 2 hours up and down.I think it’s one of the best rides you have. I have also moved probably all the rides you have built. I moved a zipper2 trailer sea dragon and. Both the big merry go round and the little 28 ft one in fact myself. Drew bates and Gary delipenna racked that ground mount M G R in a 28 ft pup trailer sea I think when we DID IT. YOU SAID IT COULDN’T BE DONE COULDN’T AND THAT LEFT A CHALLENGE TO US. AND WE DID IT. We had enough room left for the base. But it would have had to lay it on its side. It was much safer and quickerto just weld 2 I beams on the backof the trailer and the l beams posed as a platform for walking on it was perfect and I think you would say the same. MY THANKS TO YOU FOR ALL THE GOOD TIMES WHEN WE DID THOSE PROJECT’S.Im G44 years old and thinking if going back to that business and would love an opportunity to work with a company I think I can help and be an asset to thank you for inspiring me as a kid MR AND MRS BATES YOU GUYS MADE ME A BETTER PERSON AND I’LL. NEVER FORGET WHAT YOU DID FOR ME A THANK YOU THANK YOU I LOVE YOU ALL. DREW KIM MARY K AND GEARY BATES YOU C U SOON

    craig smith - May 21st, 2014 at 5:49 am

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